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In the most ancient house of Catania the Comes family cordially welcome you to present the typical products and quality of Sicily. At the Restaurant “Vico San Barnabà” you can taste the carefully selected choice of typical Sicilian dishes of the characteristic Sicilian gastronomy to give you and impression about the artistic and historical culture of the country.

When you’re on our terraces you have a view on the roofs of the city center and on the Benedictine Abbey while the fresh wind of the evening blows - called “A’Voria”, which comes from the tallest hill of Catania.

You need to book if you desire to have your dinner on Thursdays, on Fridays and on Saturdays. On the other days, by arrangement we can organize all you wish for bigger groups of people, for example dinners, lunches, conferences, marriages and catering service. We periodically organize cultural evenings with tastes guided by professional cooks.

In the menu of wines you can find more than 60 typical Sicilian wines and liquors, which are the result of diligent research through our wine expert who organizes conferences with other professionals to aspire new gastronomic conceptions. All wines, which are object of research, are available. Beyond that the group of professionals holds crash courses of enology where you can obtain a regular certificate at the end.

In winterly afternoons from 5 p. m. to 7 p. m. it’s tea time – the sweet afternoon appointment where you can try various sorts of aromatic tea together with home-made Sicilian sweets.At last, we can realize our catering, banquets and marriages in the most beautiful villas of Mount Etna or in the most prestigious palace houses of Catania, while the foods and wines will have the accustomed singular quality and freshness.